Islamic Game of Nuclear Chess

Nuclear ChessWhile the mainstream media focuses on the negotiations between the United States, Europe, and Iran to decelerate Iran’s nuclear program, today March 31st ,former IDF spokesman and author Avi Lipkin (alias Victor Mordecia), posted an news update that reveals information “that is exceeding worrying about the Iran nuclear project” that was picked up by recent Arabic and Iranian news chatter. Worrying enough to cause Avi to state the information is “horrible”. While Avi does not know exactly what is going to happen, he paints a scenario that could lead to a nuclear war…possibly even this year.

The news is that the Chinese revealed that the North Koreans are working with Iran and are currently producing nuclear weapons and are storing them for eventual shipment to Iran. If this is true, this is a game changer. Once Iran asks for their weapons, war is imminent in the Middle East. Why?

While Israel is certainly in the cross hairs of Iran’s current Islamic Shiite Regime, they are not even at the forefront of this possible coming war.

Avi Lipkin

It is a coming war between the Sunni and Shiite Muslims. The two sects who have had over 1400 years of infighting are coming to the event horizon of both sides being equipped with nuclear weapons. Saudi Arabia who has financed Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal and has access to 120 nuclear warheads represents the Sunni side of this coming battle. On the other side, Iran and it players represents the Shiite side of this possible conflict. With Russia’s ties to Syria and Iran, the bear will get drawn in to backing Iran with a financial hook in its mouth (Ezekiel 38:4), lured by oil and strategic placement of Syria’s Mediterranean Sea ports. The United States who is heavily invested in Saudi Arabia (and vice versa) will form a coalition with the southern Arab states and Israel. The perfect recipe to start World War III…it will be the unfolding of Ezekiel 38:1-39:29.

Iran’s Check

With the game of chess being intertwined with Persia’s (Iran) history for over 1500 hundred years, it is apropos to state that Iran is about to attempt to put Saudi Arabia into check. This is the move in chess where if the opponents king does not move out of harm’s way, the king (Saudi Arabia) will be checkmated in the next move…game over.


See Avi Lipkins full report (Date 3/31/15)

Checkmate Scenario

Avi shared the following scenario that could unfold as soon as sanctions are lifted on Iran. The possible scenario that Limpkin laid out is not only plausible and could start a world war; it could also trigger a global financial collapse. Once sanctions are lifted, Avi states that Iran has approximately 60 oil tankers just waiting for the sanctions to be lifted so they can sell to whoever wants to buy. oilThe resultant flood into the oil market can drop oil to under $10 per barrel which could collapse the Saudi (and the world’s) oil industry. This would directly affect the United States as all oil is currently traded on petrol dollars which is based on U.S. currency system. Iran’s financial situation could flip from its current weak state to becoming a strong financial player in the Middle East.

In the book “The Death of Money” James Rickards explains in detail how fragile the current global economy is and how the slightest upset could cause a global financial collapse that would far exceed the impact that was seen from the Great Depression. Such an move from Iran could contribute to such an upset.

A Prophetic Year

From the prophetic side, 2014/15 is at the center stage of end time prophecy as we are in the middle of four blood moons (known as a lunar tetrad) which within a specific ceros cycle only occurs throughout history on Jewish feast days. Whenever these tetrads occurred, something significant has happened to the nation of Israel. While we can say that with the constant rain of rockets in 2014 from Hamas as well as the cold, anti-Semitic relations from the Obama administration could count as significant events, I am afraid it will be getting a lot worse. The Bible prophesizes it will. There will be a time in future history when all nations will be against Israel. (Matthew 24:9) Pray for a hedge of protection around Israel and her people and that they will come to know their Messiah, Jesus Christ!

The next lunar eclipse in this tetrad happens April 4th this Saturday on Passover. Click here to find out more about the incredible Blood Moon Tetrad discovered by Pastor Mark Biltz.

We are also in a Shemita year where Johnathan Cahn, author of the Harbenger recently published a book titled The Mystery of the Shemita. Within it he shows in recent history how every Shemita year and Elul 29 have coincided with a day when global financial judgment has occurred and specifically to the United States. The last Shemita year occurred on the day of the 2008 stock market crash and previous to that it occurred on 9/17/2001 which as a result of 911, saw the second largest single day point drop in the DOW exchange. Will we see another devastating economic collapse on 9/13/2015? It is interesting to note that 9/11/15 will occur on a Friday (a possible time of Islamic attack) and Sunday 9/13/15 is the day when the Asian stock markets start to open oversees for the new week. Could this be the day that secular author James Rickards fears will be realized? Time will tell. Click here to read more about the Shemita year.

In conclusion, Avi Lipkins revelation today about the collaboration between North Korea and Iran shows that we may be at the tipping point of the start of the world war that will lead up to Ezekiel 38 and ultimately the final prophecies of Revelation. It will be a time of bloodshed, hardship, and sorrow unlike any experience in previous human history.

Are you ready?

While we are seeing God’s judgment unfold prior to His Son’s return, He is not willing that any should perish but all should come to repentance. (2 Peter 3:9) That said, 2 Peter 3:10-15 continues to describe that there will be a time when the Lord will come as a thief in the night and the heavens will pass away. 2 Peter 3:19 concludes stating to watch and be diligent to be found by God without spot and blameless. The bad news is that there is nothing you can do by yourself to make yourself worthy to stand before God Almighty. No amount of good deeds, giving, serving, or personal maturing will bring you to the point of sinless holiness that God requires. The good news is that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16). This free gift is available to you if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.(Rom 10:9-10).  If you have not yet received Jesus Christ into your heart as your Savior, I encourage you to do so. Time is short. If you would like to know more click the following link: A New Life in Christ!

May God bless you as you pray, study, and submit to God and His Word, The Bible!

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