Christianity Today. A wolf wrapped in a Christian magazine cover?

In regards to the FoxNews article:

Franklin Graham slams Christianity Today for invoking father’s name in call for Trump’s removal

Thank you, Franklin Graham, for bringing some perspective and clarity to the attack on the President from this magazine which has the word “Christianity” in it but in this instance has not behaved Christ-like.

Christianity Today. A wolf wrapped in a Christian magazine cover?

CT, apparently you judge a person’s heart and character by watching the propaganda news and your self righteous assumptions. If the President did not have “moral character” during his presidency, the roaring lion and his minions would have pounced him immediately. They haven’t so they have accused and try to deceive because President Trump is against the world system.

That is why he is hated. In the spiritual realm what he stands for is 180 degrees from Satans plan of globalization. Remember, it was God who split the one people into the nations at Babel. (Genesis 11:6) and Satan who will one day seek control of all the people (Revelation 13:11-18)

Is President Trump perfect? Of course not, neither are you! If you get past the worlds screaming hatred, you will see a President that has behaved as a leader with his country as his priority. And finally CT, did you see Jesus trash Ceaser? Did you see Paul trash Rome? In all of its debauchary and Paganism? No. Why? Because God puts all governments and leaders in place for blessing or judgement. Read Romans 13:1-7
When President Obama was in power, I did not agree with him, I used my allowed right as a citizen of the USA to disagree with his actions and voted against him because his decisions were anti Christian and anti Israel. That said, I did not personally judge or condemn him because I do not know his heart. I encouraged he be prayed for and for our country to individually repent of our sins and follow after Jesus.

You stated in your article “Can we say with a straight face that abortion is a great evil that cannot be tolerated and, with the same straight face, say that the bent and broken character of our nation’s leader doesn’t really matter in the end?”

What kind of drivel is that? You are seriously trying to equate murder with a braggadocios personality? Would you rather Hillary Clinton with her globalist ideals and anti-Christ moral stances be in power right now? Your either a wolf wrapped in a Christian magazine cover or you have lost your compass and have become ignorant on what it means to be separate from the world (John 15:19) and be guided by Biblical precepts.

Such as Romans chapter 2 which teaches on judgment and why it rests in God’s hands and not ours…

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