Will a false christ rise out of Islam?

While I was down in Yucca Valley, CA a few weeks ago, I visited a Calvary Chapel Church called Joshua Springs. The lead Pastor Jerel Hagerman was in the middle of a two part series on the end times and was teaching through Mathew 24. With close to 30 years of visits to the middle east, Pastor Hagerman was able to give a very detailed history of the aggressive progression of Islam from its inception and delved into the interesting contrast between Christian and Islam Eschatological Theology.

Through the two sermons, Hagerman shows how Islam may play a big part in the tribulation period and may be the vehicle of the Antichrist himself. Furthermore, Jerel shows how the return of the Islamic jesus (Isa) may be the false prophet talked about in revelation and will submit himself to the Mahdi who is in reality the Antichrist.

From the defeat of Constantinople to the formation of the U.S. Marines to battle the Muslim Pirates of Barbary Coast, from the 1967 Israel war to the current US Presidential Elections, this audio series lays out a strong case that Islam will play a big part in the last days.

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Part 2 The Prince Who is to ComePart 1 The Islamic spirit of AntiChrist








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