The Achilles Heel of NSA Surveillance

“NSA whistle-blower who sought to ‘inform the public’ in surveillance leak faces jail”

Whistle-blower may face jail for exposing surveillance of all public electronic information. Click to view video from Fox News.

There has been much recent debate concerning the abilities of the NSA to be able to track and review virtually every type of electronic information that flows through the digital universe. Today FoxNews posted an article “NSA whistle-blower who sought to ‘inform the public’ in surveillance leak faces jail”.

Whistle blower and NSA contractor, Edward Snowden now faces jail or worse for confirming what many have already suspected in the clandestine world of  surveillance , the NSA is collecting every citizens data from all types of electronic media. To see more information on how they do it, see the SagacityWeb article” The Tracking of Everything” that discusses the new NSA data collection center in Bluffdale, Utah.

While the fate of Mr. Snowden is yet to be determined, the fact that he released data outside the ” rules” of the NSA is a prime example on why such a wide sweeping data surveillance system is dangerous. While he was a whistle blower, it could have just as easily been someone who would want to sell information to the highest bidder. Even with multiple checks and balances, regulations, and non-disclosure agreements, protection of such data from ambitious or nefarious  people or groups is literally impossible. Especially in the realm of electronic communication where leaders and lawmakers are at the total trust and dependence of the software engineers and data analyst who actually work the information.

History shows that sooner or later, such information will be compromised or used against the people that it was meant to protect. There is an old adage “Information is power”. There is another old adage that states “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. These are not just a fancy play on words.

Literally not one generation has passed away without seeing someone drunk on power or a State full of bureaucratic corruption that resulted in reducing a once stable country into an oppressive dictatorship.

Even king Solomon who was one of the wisest kings throughout history (1 Kings 4:29, 34 and  1 Kings 10:23-24) ended up becoming drunk by the power he had and ultimately became the seed of destruction for the kingdom God gave him stewardship over (1 Kings 11:1-11). Instead of  staying a responsible leader, he let the lust of his eye’s, flesh, and pride of life rule his passions. These are the three areas that encompass all the temptations of the world that try to draw us away from God’s will in our lives (1 John 2:15-17).

King Solomon meets the Queen of Sheba

King Solomon meets the Queen of Sheba

Such great informational power mixed with the self indulgent culture in these last days  is a recipe for corruption (2 Timothy 3:1-9).

In conclusion, this is the Achilles heal of the NSA surveillance system and practices. While ideas may start with good intentions, the ambitious are always close by to capitalize, monetize, and take control of such ideas to use for their own desires. On the spiritual side, the enemy I am sure is watching close on how to use these tools to help prepare for a one world system that will one day soon, help enable the Antichrist (2 Thessalonians 2:3-4) and his future governments goal of total control of mankind (Revelation 13:13-18).

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