Pentagon chooses religious tolerance advisor who shows a visceral hatred towards Biblical Christianity

In a Washington Post Article, MRFF Advisory Board member Larry Wilkerson compared sharing the Gospel with sexual assault! Continue reading

The Biblical View of Self-Defense

Is it right to employ lethal force to protect the life of yourself and others? Is it right to take measures that might kill an attacker who is wrongfully threatening your life or the life of another? Continue reading

Scientist James Hansen retires from NASA so he can sue the Government over Climate Change

“The 70 million tons of CO2 produced by humans on a daily basis is equal to 0.00000083% of the total gases making up our atmosphere and is an insignificant amount.” Dr. Spencer made the above statement before a panel of scientists in Chicago in 2004. In other words, mankind’s total daily contribution of CO2 into the planet’s atmosphere is eighty three millionths of 1%! Continue reading