New biometric cryptology takes us one step closer to a Cashless Society

biocryptOver the years there have been many theories concerning the Mark of the Beast and more specifically how the tracking of everyone’s buying and selling habits can be controlled. Revelation 13:16-17 states: He [the beast] causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. (NKJV)

Smart Cards, Bio Chips, and Bar Code Scans have been some of the technologies in the last twenty years that have been scrutinized as possible vehicles for a monetary control system that is described in Revelation.

There is now a new technology that goes on the watch list that may help usher in a cashless society. While you might expect such a venture to be developed in a mainline University such as MIT, the School of Mines and Technology, a state college in Rapid City, South Dakota is the location of this new technology that is actively being tested among selected students.

School of Mines & Technology. Rapdi City, South Dakota

School of Mines & Technology. Rapid City, South Dakota

By using a unique method of biometric scanning and cryptology, the scanner will match fingerprints along with typed information such as a Birthday or PIN number into the system to make a transaction. The researchers have also thought of how to get around the old movie idea of some criminal just cutting off your finger to use it to access your money. The new system will sense the blood flow in your finger to ensure it is still attached.

In the cover article by Your finger may soon replace your credit card; will come with an added security layer, in an interview, Al Maas, president of Nexus USA – a subsidiary of Spanish-based Hanscan Identity Management, which patented the technology – acknowledged South Dakota might seem an unlikely locale to test it, but to him, it was a perfect fit. “I said, if it flies here in the conservative Midwest, it’s going to go anywhere,” Maas said.

While not many years ago, a global cashless society was the stuff of science fiction and not even technologically feasible, now we have the computing power and electronic  apps to pull it off. With worries of identity theft and the looming possibility of global financial collapse, the stage is set for a new, secure, and better way for all citizens of the world to be able perform their monitory transactions. People will be attracted to its ease and security.

In conclusion, whatever means of monetary control is developed, the Bible clearly states that whoever chooses to receive the mark of the beast will willingly 1. Worship the beast and his image and 2. they will receive his mark on either their forehead or right hand. (Rev 14:9)

In other words, the technology in itself may not be the mark of the beast but rather a vehicle of how to control the monetary ability of everyone on the planet. There is a time coming when a charismatic world leader will state that you must commit your allegiance to him in order to buy, sell, or trade and take his mark on your hand or forehead. Beware! The decision to do so can seal your fate in eternal punishment. (Rev 14:10-11)

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Questions about Salvation

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  • Vaquero-Max Hamsburg Cóhen

    Amen, great article…I too would echo that warning: Beware! Here in Mexico, people would get in line, just knowing that doing something like that would lessen their chances of getting kidnapped…

    May GOD have mercy on us all, and may HE Save as many people as possible before the Rapture…I feel very heartbroken for the poor souls that will have to live through the horrors of the Apocalypse…when the satanists, I-lumin/ados/-jesuitas, put into motion their belief that through “caos comes a new world order”, yeah, the short and bloody Great Tribulation…and after that, comes an eternity in boiling sulphur for them…GOD have mercy on those poor deluded souls…

    • Sueychop

      Exactly right.

    • Glenn Muise

      wow brother i like the way you think how about adding me to facebook if you have it ok?

    • Sleanna

      rapture ain’t happening…not everything in the bible is serious. A lot of the bible is about character and how to become a better person.

      • Krista

        I urge you to read more carefully. To say that not everything in the Bible is serious is to say that God is not serious. We can easily take this out of context and argue ridiculous claims such as “God isn’t serious that we need Jesus for our salvation; Jesus just wanted to teach us how to be good people.” Scripture is the inspired word of God, and we must take it seriously. We cannot pick and choose.

      • roaidz

        I presume that you are not a Christian, because if you are one of us then
        you must change your religion. Apparently you don’t believe the Bible, so
        no need to stay with us.

  • Zedok

    This is the problem with unlearned Christians “Blind leading the Blind” – the mark is not a physical mark – it is mental – meaning to “worship” the beast you would have the mark “IN” your forehead – what’s in your forehead – Your BRAIN. If in the RIGHT hand – Right ALWAYS means power – hence Jesus is seated at the Right hand of the Father – so by doing the work of the beast you are “Marked” by the beast system. The government could put chips throughout your body and tattoo you with 666 all over the place – does this make you change how you feel about Jesus? I don’t think so! Please wake-up and don’t read over the obvious truths that are in the Bible. Before anyone leaves any derogatory comments – Read the Bible and then Pray for understanding – then prove me wrong if you can!

    • sagacity1

      Hello Zedok,

      While the context of this article was centered on a possible vehicle for a monetary control system described in Rev 13:16-17, you have brought up an interesting point about the mark itself. While there is much speculation what the mark will be and the reference to understanding the number of the beast, it is very important to do a thorough systemic study of the words found in scripture as the English translation from the original Hebrew or Greek can sometimes lose its original flavor.

      In Rev 13:16 the KJV Bible uses the word “in” for the Greek word ἐπί epi
      (Strongs 1909). The word epi has three definitions within Strong’s 1909:

      1) upon, on, at, by, before

      2) of position, on, at, by, over, against

      3) to, over, on, at, across, against

      So while the English KJV may bring speculation of something within, the original Greek clearly represents something that is on or against.

      Thank you for your post and may God bless you as you seek Him through his Word.

    • Idaho Bob

      Zedok, the word “mark’ used in Revelation has the meaning of “a scratch or etching”. So that when Revelation 13:17 says, “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name” it is clearly stating that there is far more involved here than mere intellect. There will be a visible means of identification given to all those who are alive at that time and worship the beast. According to Revelation 13:15, the mark will only be for those who willing worship the beast, for the beast will “cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed”.

      There will be a day (many in muslim nations already receive a foreshadowing of this), when everyone who is living will be forced to make a choice, either you receive the mark or you die. So that if you are a True believer in Jesus Christ the choice will be clear as to what your decision should be. In regard to being in Christ Paul wrote in Romans 8:38-39, “For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord”.

    • Sueychop

      Zedok, I like what you say but it will still be a choice and an actual mark. Sorry.

      • Fred Howard

        pre-trib, mid-trib, post-trib. the gospel truth is all that matters. if your saved then your going. don’t put the cart before the horse. we must have a humble spirit berfore GOD . we must continue to work out our salvation and not say who is being decieved with an anology of future events that only pertains to post salvation. these are debatable things that hurt each other when not done in the proper SPIRIT. peace and love.

    • Robin Lietke Lench

      I disagree! The Mark that will be implanted will change your DNA. For this reason, you will be damned for eternity. Science is doing many things in trans-humanism as we speak. Biotechnology is raising the bar on such things. Why do you think that men will beg for the mountains to fall on them in the Tribulation but they can not die?. Whatever this Mark is, it changes men’s ability to die. I can only imagine that it supernaturally makes you immortal i.e. the fallen angels (Nephilim). Isn’t that what we are really talking about here anyway…supernatural and spiritual things? There is a Pre Trib Rapture. Of that, you can be certain! There are too numerous reasons you can know this for me to write here. Just read your bible literally. God made it so simple that even a little child could understand it. It is man that complicates everything by over analytic thinking.

    • Exedor

      Prove you wrong? Ok.
      1.The Bible says that “he causes all, small and great, etc, to RECEIVE a mark in their right hand or forehead…it is the” You do not receive anything MENTAL in your hand. Rev 13:17 says it is a mark, or the man’s name or his number. NOne of those are mental. Also, Rev 14:9 also says on the forehead or hand.
      2. It also says that “anyone not having the mark should be killed.” The mark is visible, whereas mentality is not.
      3. Rev 16:2 says that those who have the mark are break out in sores. Who has mentality, and power in their hands? Everyone. Who has the mark in their heads and hands? Those who RECEIVE the mark.
      Before you leave any derogatory comments, Pray for understanding and READ the Bible. You cannot prove me wrong.
      4. Idaho Bob is correct in that the word translates to a physical mark, not a mental one.

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  • shamil

    At the end of Chapter 3 in the Book of Revelation, there is a Pre-Tribulation Rapture. Believers that are alive at that time will be spared “The Mark of the Beast”. It will affect those that come to the Lord after the Tribulation begins. 1 Thess, 4:16-18; 1 Cor. 15:51-53. Many will come to the Lord during the tribulation (Jews, etc). Wouldn’t they be the ones that should worry about the ‘mark’?

    • SonofLiberty

      I can not believe the gullibility of millions of American Christians who believe this drivel. I get so sick and tired of people who ignore the clear teaching of scripture to follow after some biblical ‘guru’ who espouses false doctrine, and makes money off the gullible.

      There is NO such thing as a rapture of the church after Re 3. Why? Because, 1) the command to, ‘…Come up here…’ (Re 4:1) is in the singular, meaning “John, you personally, individually, come up here. 2) To say that ‘the church’ is not spoken of after Re 3 is ludicrous as John sees the New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven (Re 20.2 ff) and those in it are not identified as the church, though that is exactly who/what they are (resurrected/raptured believers). 3) The many times John saw those in heaven he did not call them ‘the church’. Are we to assume that believers were resurrected and/or raptured to some other location than heaven? As John never referred to those he saw as ‘the church’? 4) If John was raptured into heaven in Re 4.1, then was he UNRAPTURED in RE 10.1-2, 11.1-13, 14.1, 19-20; and others? 5) It clearly states that John was not bodily taken into heaven, nor did he ‘Come up hither’ in his body, as he reports he was in the spirit.

      The list could go on, and on – but time or space does not allow it in this format. I do pray you, and millions of other Christian believers will take the clear plain words of scripture – not some Bible preacher/teacher who makes his millions off of the gullible. I awoke to the truth when I read that Jesus himself said when he was returning. If anyone knew the general time frame when that would happen, he should. Mt 24:29-31 & Mk 13:24-27, and remember there is a difference between chronos time, and chairos time. Look it up.

      Blessings -

      • Stan Broniszewski

        Amen. A Pretrib Rapture was NEVER taught in the churches prior to the mid 1800s. All the great preachers of the Reformation believed the rapture would take place AFTER the antichrist sits in the temple of God, proclaiming to be God, & God’s wrath is poured out on the earth afterward. Preachers love a Pretrib rapture theory so it brings in more new members.

      • shamil

        Watch this to the end, Please.

      • Cindy Stevenson Easterling

        Very good, but long.

    • Glenn Muise

      the re is no pre-trib rapture.this part of the great deception that is coming on the whole world.

      • shamil

        This is the wrong place to go back and forth about that. No time, no room. I respectfully disagree with you.The tribulation we experience on this earth now is a result of fallen man/sin. The Tribulation after the rapture emanates directly from the throne of God as punishment after the removal of His Spirit on those who refuse salvation. God will not let His bride be an object of His wrath. It’s God the Holy Spirit that dwells in his living temples/believers. The trouble we experience now is not from the throne. There is so much more in Scripture explaining that the church will not be here for that wrath, but I can tell we will not change one another’s minds. As to the person condescendingly calling my belief drivel, than saying they will pray for me – thank you. How very un loving of you. The God I worship is a God of love and speaks in love. I hope you are not a teacher or in authority.

      • shamil

        PS I’ll explain it to you on the way up! Meanwhile, I choose to follow the teachings of those that explain these things clearly and make sense; for instance Chuck Missler and David Jeremiah. Teaching from these men and many others, along with my own daily Scripture reading, are the way I will continue to go. I am not unbending or closed minded/hearted to any kind, insightful, knowledgable input from my brothers and sisters in Christ. I will delete anything that resembles an ‘attack’. Consider skimming this:

        And viewing this:

      • shamil

        David Guzik makes sense of this confusion for me

      • Larry Speier

        Sorry but you are wrong. Jesus Himself taught that those that keep the Word of His patience He will keep from the hour temptation.

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  • ivne

    The banks in sweden wants a cashless society right now, it is a hot topic here. it begins with chipping the animals, then our things, then us. Just like WW3 is about to begin now as prophecied in the bible, begins with warnings, everyone gets involved, everyone fights each other etc… Jesus is the only way, he is ready to showhimself for anyone who askes and seeks him. God Bless You

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  • gerry

    Islam has the mark of the beast,,,with the head bands and the arm bands declaring allegiance to Allah and Muhammad, the Greek word for hand can include the arm. where ever they are in control,,, they control who can buy and sell. They seek world domination.

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