Is War in Middle East Imminent?

Earlier this year, we saw a massive buildup of Russian naval power in the Syrian waters. As we near the end of September, all but one of Russia’s ships have pulled away from the Syrian port of Tartus. Is this the end of a naval exercise or are the Russians … Continue reading

America’s Decline and its Judgment

Eleven years to the day, on 9/11/12, once again, terrorism rears its head like a serpent and strikes America. This time against American Embassy’s in Cairo and Libya. So far, three Americans who served as a communication link between our country and Libya as well as U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher … Continue reading

SagacityWeb now uses Disqus commenting system

In order to help enable topical discussion to a wide audience, SagacityWeb has decided to utilze the popular commenting engine Disqus. Utilized by major news networks and hundreds of blogsites, the popular comment system Disqus is now available on and has the ability for users to comment not only on Sagacityweb … Continue reading

Where was God on September 11?

Article Source: On September 11, 2001, God was exactly where He always is – in Heaven in total control of everything that happens in the universe. Why, then, would a good and loving God allow such a tragedy to happen? This is a more difficult question to answer. First, … Continue reading